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KTop - The definitive turning point for table tops

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KTop - The definitive turning point for table tops

KTop - The definitive turning point for table topsAs we all know, our company boasts decades of experience in the transformation and processing of plastic laminate.
We are included among the major players on the national market as makers of Hpl table tops for indoor and outdoor use.
Our transformed parts find application in various sectors such as Ho.Re.Ca, Interior design, sterile rooms in hospitals and clinics, offices, schools, gyms, urban and naval furniture, thanks to the quality of resistance and ease of maintenance that characterize this material.

We are able to make any detail in standard sizes, or made to measure according to the specific requests both with the holes and fixing bushes already inserted, and any other processing such as cut-outs and/or threads directed inside the HPL.

Following a careful market analysis, to meet the needs of our customers and to be able to offer an innovative solution that solves the problem of fixing the top to the base, we have created a new process called KTop, which is characterized by a free surface of constraints.

The processing consists in the realization of a cross-cut in which the inserted screws run along the millings. We have designed and built the screw kit in order to be the real completion of the processing of the Hpl and it is also supplied by us.
As indicated above, this system does not require the use of any type of holes and/or bushes and it adapts to any basic type with maximum ease, leaving the bottom surface of the top completely clean. Its extreme versatility thus ensures adaptation to all types of bases existing on the market.

With our KTop system there is no longer need for technical drawings for positioning the inserts as each top adapts to each base, allowing our customers to express their creativity to the maximum.
Compared to traditional fixing systems, this is a real revolution in the furniture sector, as this top fixing system reduces the fixing of the tops to the base in few simple operations, making it faster and easier.
We are confident that this system will make a fundamental contribution in the furniture sector as we have already received excellent feedbacks from our customers who have been enthusiastic about this new addition.

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