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Production of antibacterial laminate components

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Production of antibacterial laminate components

Production of antibacterial laminate componentsProduzione di componenti in laminato antibatterico

Olivero Pannelli Srl has always been very active for the protection of the person, it has decided to introduce in its normal production of laminate elements, a certified solution to make its contribution in combating the expansion of Covid-19.
Olivero Pannelli Srl has always been highly specialized in the processing of plastic laminate for the creation of table tops, desk tops and kitchen tops, and has taken the decision to use certified antibacterial laminate panels for its creations, which effectively responds to the current needs of hygiene standards.
The material we use is produced following a meticulous protocol, for the application of a silver ion technology, which is totally incorporated in the decorative layer, in which the bacterial load on the surface is reduced by up to 99.99%.
The material is normally available in a thickness of mm. 10 and the range of decorations is the equivalent of our normal ongoing collection.
The challenge of our company for the months to come is to guarantee all its customers a reopening in total safety, thus responding to this situation with the usual courage to do business.
We mean that the entire Olivero Pannelli production is carried out on its site in Cavallermaggiore and being able to count in each department on a specialized staff with long and proven experience, as well as thanks to the use of technology and raw materials rigorously produced in Italy, Olivero Pannelli Srl is honored to contribute to the recovery of the entire Made in Italy supply chain.
We would be pleased to send the technical data sheets on request.

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