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Wood Panels

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Wood Panels

For the companies and bricolage supply centres, we realize standard and tailor-made wood panels for all the client’s bricolage needs. Our workings on these materials are cutting, drilling and shaping in order to personalize the semi-worked products about the seizes and shape.

The panels we supply are characterized by a high quality and the materials we use are: plywood, multi-layer plywood, raw MDF, MDF worked with melamine papers.


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There are two kind of plywood panels: thin and multi-layers. The first ones are composed by thin wood layers (birch tree or poplar) with low thickness. This material is perfect for all the creativity workmanships and artisanal hobbies. The multi-layer plywood is self-supporting and it has more layers with a minimum of 5 to enhance the stability.


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The MDF we provide to our clients can be a raw material or worked with melamine papers. MDF means Medium Density Fiberboards, and it is a lightweight panel made of medium density fiberboards. It can be used for different purposes, thanks to its qualities: it’s easy to work and it can be subjected to different workings as milling, engraving, shaping. Even if it is a lightweight material, the MDF panel is resistant to all workings.

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