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Stratified Hpl Compact

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HPL Statificato

Stratified Hpl Compact

Exceptional characteristics for a versatile material

The Hpl laminate is a stratified material with high thickness, also called Hpl Compact. Thanks to its resistance and aesthetic qualities, it is used for a lot of applications from the interior furniture like tops and working surfaces to the outdoor furniture.

The Hpl laminate has a high resistance to steam, temperature changes, chemicals, even the corrosive ones. It is easy to clean and it is characterised by a high level of hygiene, so it is the perfect solution for hospitals, pharmacies and everywhere it is necessary to have high hygiene standards. It is also used in swimming pools and gyms in order to realize furniture projects.

  Technical sheet

Thanks to the Hpl working possibilities, this material can be used for a wide range of applications and in every environment.

With a wide range of colours possibilities, the Hpl is one of the designer’s preferred material for interior design projects.

The seizes can be standard or tailor-made according to the customer’s desires. Choosing the stratified Hpl means choosing quality and beauty.

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