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Our history as specialists in the laminate panel’s transformation

Thanks to our owner’s experience in the laminate and wood panels, who has worked since 1991, we are able to boast in our clientele some important business furniture realities in both national and European areas.

Our company is located in Cavallermaggiore, in the province of Cuneo. Starting with a limited number of employees, today we can count on a productive strength of 14 collaborators.

As well as working on the laminate transformation, in the last years edging and thrilled systems have been installed. From the very beginning many requests have been received, so it was necessary to buy a pantograph which has allowed us to work kitchen and furniture tops in stratified HPL. In 1993 we have also added to our product’s list the chipboard panel, which is cheaper, stronger and self-supporting.

Thanks to the technology, the working systems change often. In 2000 we have added a new edging system with automated panels loading and unloading.

Regarding the chipboard panels, we have collaborated with furniture companies, realizing fair and exhibitions stands and with the thread industry, we could supply the packaging boards, which were stronger than the ones in cardboard.

Starting from 2002, we have started a new working branch by adding the cutting procedure to plywood panels, multi-layer plywood panels, MDF panels and chipboard panels.

In the same period, we started to provide panels for the Bricolage dealers, adding the laminate panels in addition to the wood panels.

Olivero Pannelli

Starting from 2013 we have increased the working on the plastic laminate, particularly in the furniture sector.

We are able to realize semi-processed products for elevated floors, toilet cubicles, gym and pool’s lockers, hospital and pharmacy furniture.

Over the years the number of Hpl applications has multiplied, both in low and high thickness. We have also added the panels working realised with the digital printing system.

Furthermore, the collaboration with designers and architects with regard to facades has intensified, thanks to the UV-resistant laminate.

In 2017 we have added a new CNC machine for pantographing procedures that can reach the size of 3.050 x 1.500.

Starting from 2018 we have started to expand our business abroad, in particularly to France, Spain, England, Germany and Malta, where we export our tailor-made Hpl panels, worked according to the customers’ desire.

Today we can count on a professional staff, which is ready to understand our client’s requests and satisfy who decide to choose us. We are able to realize tailor-made products, ensuring a high quality and delivered on time. Because our client’s satisfaction is our own satisfaction.

Cutting-edge machines

impianto di sezionatura
Cutting machine Gabbiani

A machine used for large seizes workings with thickness up to 40 mm. It is equipped with handling manipulator which eliminates the possibility of abrasion and scratching of surfaces.

impianto di squadrabordatura
Edging machine

This machine is equipped with “turn pieces “with automatic loading and unloading system. It is located far away from the cutting machine, in order to avoid every powder contamination.

Pantografo CMS
CMS Pantograph machine

It is equipped with panels handlingand with CAD CAM system which allows maximum precision of the suspending materials.

Linea per foratura pannelli
Drilling machine

With this machine we can supply to our customer drilled panels, ready to be used.

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