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Lavoriamo pannelli compact HPL su misura
We work Hpl Compact tailor-made panels
Thanks to our CNC machines and to our staff skills
we realize your projects with absolute precision
Artigianalità italiana Tecnologia all'avanguardia
Italian craftsmanship Cutting edge technology
Our machines and staff experience
allow to realize tailor-made realizations
Rapidità, flessibilità, personalizzazione
Speed, flexibility
and customization
Thanks to our material always ready to stock
we are able to realize each client’s request
Infiniti settori di  applicazione
Endless area applications
Our panels can be used for each surface

From 1991, your tailor-made workings for Hpl and panels

Olivero Pannelli’s core business is the laminate panels workings with low thickness and in stratified Hpl Compact as well as wood panels workings for DYI area (plywood, multi-layer plywood, MDF and Chipboard).

Thanks to our machines we can realize cutting procedures up to 4.500 x 2.200, drilling, pantographing services up to 3.050 x 1.500, with special pieces insertion. Our deposit is always stocked with a wide range of laminates in the exclusive Olivero colours line.

This way we can guarantee short delivery time. However, we are always ready to supply every kind of colours.
With the CNC machines, we can work the finishing workings with absolute precision both for large and small orders. Thanks to the CAD/CAM softwares we are able to develop each project.

Materials Applications

Lavorazione Laminati

High quality materials and workings

We always work just high-quality materials and we are able to supply tailor-made products in the correct delivery time. Our professional staff is able to realize each laminate and wood panel workings. The high production capacityallows to satisfy the high quantity requests of the furniture companies of different areas: private and industrial use, indoor furniture and public spaces, ship furniture, aseptic spaces, school and urban furniture. Read more

The laminate panels can be in low thickness (we can just work on them with the cutting machine) and in high thickness, Hpl Compact (we can work with the cutting and milling machines). The first one is mainly used for the indoor furniture, while the second one can also be used for outdoor furniture. The Hpl Compact is indeed a stratified sturdy material, heat and chemicals resistant. It is also UV and salt resistant when it is used for the outdoor spaces. It can be used for a lot of applications and it can be completely customizedregarding elegance and design.

The wood panels we work are: plywood, multi-layer plywood, MDF, raw chipboard and chipboard worked with melamine papers. These materials are supplied to the DIY centres for the bricolage purposes.

Worked materials

The materials we work for our customers are: low thickness laminates, high thickness laminates (Hpl stratified Compact, Hpl for outdoor use and Polaris) and wood panels (plywood, multi-layer plywood, MDF, raw chipboard and chipboard worked with melamine papers).
Hpl stratified Compact

One material for an unlimited number of applications: sturdy and perfect for the furniture details.

Hpl stratified Compact for outdoor use

Sturdy, design and UV resistant material: it is the best solution for the industrial construction area.

Hpl stratified Compact Digital Print

Sign your panel with the design you prefer!


It is a sturdy but velvet to the touch material, the best choice for a contemporary design.

Different panels for unlimited uses

If you are asking yourself what we can realize with our panels, here you have some examples:

Who we are working with


We cooperate with furniture companies and we supply Hpl tailor-made elements for furniture production. With our sturdy and versatile products, we satisfy the expectations of the furniture producers for hospitals, school, restaurants, bars, stand exhibition, food/non-food industrial companies, private houses and urban furniture.

Architects and Designers

Our Hpl panels for outdoor use are one of the best choices for the architects and designers to realize covering facades of private and industrial buildings.
If you are a designer, we can provide you table tops or desk tops. Each product is tailor-made realized following carefully your drawing. Our aim is to transform your project in reality.

Developer and Contractor

Our department dedicated to the developers and contractors is able to realize tailor-made Hpl Compact products. We can supply top in different seizes and colours. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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